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Self employed or running a ltd company and IR35

It is important to understand the IR35 legislation-If you’re a contractor who’s self employed or running a Limited Company you could be caught by IR35 legislation; this means you stand to lose all the tax advantages you gain as a contractor while also incurring a big fine from HMRC too. Background The Intermediaries legislation was…
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Business is Great Britain campaign

Business is Great Britain campaign set up by Vince Cable to help smaller firms   A new campaign has been launched by the British government to provide additional support to small businesses around the country. The Business is Great Britain campaign has been kick-started by business secretary Vince Cable and skills and enterprise minister Matthew Hancock.…
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HMRC ‘is tougher on small businesses’

HMRC ‘is tougher on small businesses’, report suggests Margaret Hodge, the chair of the Public Accounts Committee, has said that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) ‘seems to lose its nerve’ when pursuing multinationals for tax that they owe. A report carried out by the committee stated that, ‘the lack of prosecutions against multinational corporations seems…
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Work Place Pension Scheme

 The new Pensions law requires that Employers must automatically enrol certain staff members into a good quality pension scheme and make contributions towards it. This affects all employers with staff working for you in the UK who are: The  actual employer duties will be based on the ages and earnings of your staff on your…
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Effective Networks – a review

This is a review of the study carried out by The Health Foundation (THF) which launched its programme to support healthcare networks  in October 2011 Networks are defined as cooperative structures where an interconnected group, or system, coalesce around shared purpose, and where members act as peers on the basis of reciprocity and exchange, based on trust, respect and…
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What is RTI?

On 6th April 2013, HMRC changed the way nearly all UK businesses report Pay As You Earn (PAYE). Real Time Information, or RTI, is a new system that HMRC has introduced to improve the operation of PAYE. It’s the biggest change to the PAYE system since 1944! RTI doesn’t change the way you calculate PAYE,…
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